Packery Channel Oak Motte Sanctuary Sign - Shane Reader


The Packery Channel Oak Motte Sanctuary is a series of 20 residential lots that were either donated to or purchased by the Audubon Outdoor Club. There is an extensive boardwalk overlooking a seasonal pond and a large water feature.

The only remaining stands of coastal oaks on the entire 113 miles of Padre Island are found in the Packery Channel Sanctuary and the surrounding residential lots. These Live Oaks represent the first cluster of trees that northerly moving nearctic-neotropical migrants encounter after crossing or going around the Gulf of Mexico. Vegatation consisting of Bay Laurel, Green Briar, Mustang Grape, Lantana, and numerous species of coastal grasses provide shelter not only for migratory birds, but the residential summer and winter birds as well. Other residents such as reptiles, insects, and mammals also call the small diverse habitat home.

Cerulean, Golden-winged, Blue-winged, Worm-eating, and Swainson’s warblers are among the usual migrants seen. Rarities like the Sulfur-bellied Flycatcher, Gray Kingbird, and Black-whiskered Vireo have been sighted with over 300 species that migrate, rest and roost in the Packery Channel Sanctuary area.

Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned Night Herons, Snowy & Great Egrets, Yellow- legs, Green Herons, Purple Gallinules and Solitary Sandpipers are frequent visitors to the small pond.

Although small, only 3.7 acres, the Packery Channel Oak Motte sanctuary is a critical stopover habitat for migratory birds.

Black-throated Green-       Mary King

Packery Channel Boardwalk - Shane Reader

Red Saddlebag Dragonfly - Shane Reader