mary king

Leucistic Ruddy Turnstone

Wednesday, October 1, about 8:30 a.m.  I noticed an unusual white shorebird along the Corpus Christi Bay side of Ocean Drive, close to the north gate of the Naval Air Station.  As I was running at the time, and did not have binoculars or phone, I guessed it might be a leucistic Ruddy Turnstone.  After the run, I drove back to the NAS gate, and slowly drove up the road, carefully checking for the bird.  I did find, confirm identity, photograph and video the bird with my iphone.  A short time later I showed the photos to Mary King and encouraged her to look for the bird and get a really good photograph. 

As you can see, Mary was successful.  The photograph is perfect.

Judith Reader

Albino Ruddy Turnstone.jpg