Earth Day - Bay Day Sales, A Big Success

Today, April 8, the AOC sold $872.50 of merchandise at the Earth Day - Bay Day Festival! That is a great day - as all proceeds go to supporting the AOC sanctuaries.  

Pat Botkin and Adrienne Kerr did an exceptional job of getting many suitcases full of books and boxes full of birding related items to Heritage Park, then displaying them on two tables. Other members who assisted included Jo Creglow, Judy Kestner, Judith Reader, Shane Reader and Karen Smith. These events are long days - about 9 hours today.  So if you can volunteer for a shift at the next event, please do.  The South Texas Botanical Gardens is hosting the "Birdiest Festival in North America" April 20 - 23.  Please call Pat Botkin 361-726-8448 or Adrienne Kerr 361-688-8395 if you are able to volunteer for a shift.