Fifth Grade Student Contributes to AOC Website

Robin Sharkey, a teacher with Kingston Schools, sent us the following email about her tutoring student, Hallie, finding our AOC website and using information from the website for her report on birds and migration.  Shane Reader, originator of the website, has placed Hallie's recommended resource for beginning birds in the "Birding" section of our website. Check it out!

Email Address:

Subject: CC AOC- Student's birds/migration project

Message: Good morning,
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the club's birding web page, ( My tutoring student student Hallie (she's in 5th grade) found it at our session yesterday afternoon when she was researching for a birds & migration project... She thought we should tell you that she was using the page:) 

We were able to find some great birding information for her project so it turned out to be a great help, and we enjoyed learning about birdwatching so thanks:) Also- since we used your resources, we thought we should return the favor and share a birding resource, too... 

Hallie picked out- Beginners Guide to Bird Watching -
It has great bird watching info for beginners, with links to resources on bird identification, binoculars, ethics, & clubs. She thought it would be a helpful addition to the extra resources at the bottom of the birding page she found! I hope you can add it... Hallie would be thrilled to see that she helped you folks out and I'd loved to show her at our next session:)

Thanks again!

Hallie and Ms. Sharkey