Texas Sealife Center Presentation - Great!

Amanda Terry, a dedicated volunteer at the Texas Sealife Center Wildlife Sanctuary, gave an excellent presentation Tuesday, October 13, on the history, present and future plans for the Center.  Amanda filled in for veterinarian Dr. Tim Tristan, certified wildlife rehab specialist who was unable to present as planned. The Center accepts all injured birds and other animals.  As Amanda said, "We don't discriminate."  They are prepared to help up to 40 turtles at one time, have cages for birds and facilities to handle other animals.

It is amazing to realize that all the work accomplished at the Texas Sealife Center is through volunteers.  Two of the passionate young helpers attended and assisted with the presentation. They let everyone know about the Haunted Trail Carnival being held again this year.  The Carnival takes place October 23/24 and 30/31 at the Texas Sealife Center, 14220 South Padre Island Drive. Times are from 7 - 11 and fees are adults $10, kids $5. Everything for the Carnival is made possible by the volunteers and all fees are donated to the Center.  

Everyone was thrilled to see the guest brought from the Texas Sealife Center - a Peregrine Falcon named "Sir Lawrence......"  Didn't catch his complete name, but did remember the Lawrence part. He is beautiful and was happy eating a late supper as he perched on Amanda's arm.

If you would like additional information, call 361-589-4023.