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The Birdiest Festival in America


BIRDIEST FESTIVAL IN AMERICA features field trips throughout South Texas for some of the best bird sightings in the country.

Corpus Christi is the heart of the Coastal Bend of Texas, a region on the bucket list of
most birders. You have to come our way to find many South Texas species that are
found nowhere else in North America. Think Couch's Kingbird, Whooping Crane, Buff-bellied Hummingbird, White-tipped Dove, Groove-billed Ani, Green Jay...but the jaw-dropping abundance and variety of birds found here is best demonstrated in spring
migration. You've read of spring mornings in the Coastal Bend where the trees are
dripping with trans-Gulf migrants; Rockport is likely best-known for such events.

Any spring day, when conditions are right, rivers of hawks, swallows, anhingas and White
Pelicans can be seen streaming overhead!

Weekend also features birding workshops, guest speakers, trade show, Raptor Project shows, and a whole lot of Texas Hospitality!