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Hawk Watch at Hazel Bazemore Begins in August!

Photograph by Mary King, AOC Member

Photograph by Mary King, AOC Member

The Hawk Watch at Hazel Bazemore begins! Come and join the industrious and friendly group of counters and supporters at Hazel Bazemore County Park, located north of FM 624 on CO 69 in Calallen. Dane Ferrell will be there, along with others.

You will have an amazing time!

Hawk migration is a true spectacle of the natural world and the watch at Hazel Bazemore Park is the largest and most diverse in the country. An average of nearly 700,000 raptors is counted each fall. Although the hawk watch runs from August 1 to November 15, the three days of the "Celebration" are set during the peak of hawk migration. The "peak" is an eight-day period from Sept. 23 to 30 where single days of over one hundred thousand raptors have occurred most years.

All events will be held at Hazel Bazemore Park and are open to the public free of charge thanks to the support of Swarovski Optik. Be sure and visit our vendor tent while you are there. Volunteers will be on hand to show and identify hawks for visitors. But mostly come and experience the true stars, migrating raptors, in a celebration of flight.

Live Raptor Programs-“Wildlife Revealed”

Sky Kings Falconry was founded by Kevin Gaines in 2009 in order to answer a growing public interest in raptors. Kevin uses ancient techniques of falconry combined with modern methods to offer highly entertaining and educational programs. Much of these programs will take place ABOVE the audience and are sure to impress and delight any crowd.

Friday- 2:30 PM | Saturday-10:00 AM and 2:30 PM

        Neil Paprocki

Neil will be the guest presenter at this year’s festival, offering various programs throughout the weekend and available on the hawkwatch platform for one-on-one identification help and questions. HawkWatch International’s Conservation Biologist, Neil has a diverse 10-year background in raptor research and conservation including work with California Condors, Gyrfalcons, Rough-legged Hawks, Golden Eagles, Short-eared Owls, and more. Neil lends assistance to HWI’s migration network, while also managing projects on Wintering Raptors, Short-eared Owls, and the Gunsight Mountain, Alaska migration site.

Friday- 11:00 AM | Saturday- 1 PM | Sunday- 11:00 AM

Native American Blessing Ceremony

Join in this time honored blessing for our “Hazel” site by the elders. Area drum groups, singers and dancers will gather to honor the birds of prey and those who follow their paths.

Sunday- 1:00 PM

Directions to Hazel Bazemore Park

The park is located in the northwest corner of Corpus Christi in the community of Calallen. Highways 37 and 77 intersect and run together for a short distance, the first exit south on Hwy 77, less than one half mile south of this intersection, is FM 624 (Northwest Blvd.). Go west on 624 for .7 mile and take a right on County Road 69 to the entrance of the park and just follow the signs to the site.

Schedule of Events

Friday, September 23
11 am Neil Paprocki program “HawkWatch International: 30 Years of Raptor Research and Conservation”
2:30 pm Sky Kings Falconry live raptor program “Wildlife Revealed”

Saturday, September 24
10 am Sky Kings Falconry live raptor program “Wildlife Revealed”
11 am Neil Paprocki program “ An Overview of HWI’s Current Migration Network and Science Projects”
2:30 pm Sky Kings Falconry live raptor program “Wildlife Revealed”

Sunday, September 25
11 am Neil Paprocki program “Gunsight Mountain, Alaska: HawkWatch International’s Newest Spring Migration Site
1 pm Native American Blessing Ceremony

Our Mission

To monitor and promote the conservation of eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey and to strive to increase public awareness of and commitment to birds of prey and the ecosystems that support them. We believe that by protecting raptors we are protecting ourselves, our shared environment, and our rich natural heritage. Our staff, along with many volunteers, man the watch daily to count raptors by species and collect other important data. Your donations and membership in HWI will help us continue to do this important work.


Eyes To The Skies!

The Corpus Christi Hawk Watch at Hazel Bazemore Park is a HawkWatch International (HWI) site. HWI is the only group that conducts full season counts in Texas and deserves our full support. The watch would not be possible without the many wonderful volunteers that help man the site all season. A special thanks to the Nueces County Parks and Recreation Department and their staff at Hazel Bazemore Park for providing such a magnificent place to watch hawks.

The event sponsor for "Celebration of Flight" is….SWAROVSKI OPTIK.