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Field Trip: Private Ranch (JNF Campground) Near Victoria, TX

This field trip was scheduled for January 10, but due to bad weather, it is now scheduled for Saturday, January 17.    

The following information on the field trip to the JNF Campground was provided by Lyndon Holcomb, trip leader.

The trip will start near the campground area at 8 a.m.  We will park, if it is not muddy,  just down the road that goes to the right just before the cattle guard entrance to the RV sites.   If you get to the RV sites, then you have gone a little too far.  You go down the road that goes to the right for a little over 0.1 mile.  That's where we will park. 

There will be a porta-potty there and a sign in/sign out sheet nearby (not for the porta can but for the event).  Please sign out when you leave so we will know you are not lost/broken down out in the boonies somewhere. Please bring your cell phone and supply it on the sign in sheet so if you forget to sign out we can call to see where you are.  If you should get there late there is plenty of good habitat to the left and the right of the bridge. To the left is a long pond where Joe Keefe pumps water. This is an all day trip so bring a lunch. Should you want to leave early please sign out when you go.

 From Corpus Christi, it will take approximately an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes to reach the Campground.  I would suggest getting on Highway 77 by whatever route you want (via I-37 may be easiest and fastest) and go northeast on 77 to the intersection of 77 and the San Antonio River. From there continue on for 1.9 miles and turn left on the San Antonio River Road. Go to the "T" where there is a sign for the JNF Campground and turn left.  Stay on the road for 7.5 miles where you will see the sign  and follow the signs to the parking area. The distance from the blending of I-37 and Highway 77 to the San Antonio river is about 60 miles. Whether or not to carpool is up to those coming.

 Should you have any questions, please contact either:

 Jo Creglow                                   361-241-2204    

 Lyndon Holcomb                          361-563-5631            




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